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super mario rpg sequel

2008-05-19 01:46:58 by piewizard13

alot of smrpg fans want a sequel and we might eventually have it a petition is being made
here is a link to a youtube vid that explains it all 42So&feature=related

Lets get us a real sequel!!

if you can't get to the site the petition link is here /petition.html

I fixed it!!

2008-04-30 04:46:32 by piewizard13

i finally figured it out it was my firewall preventing java from working. so now i am going to be more productive around here at newgroungs! yay for everyone!!! =))

i dont know what im doing

2008-04-28 17:11:16 by piewizard13

i hav eno idea what im doing HELP!!!!! it wont let me vote or comment an di love playin the games but ive never even looked at the music it's hell please im miserable =( some one help me

by the way super mario bros. z definally some thing you want to check out!!